Robert Perille

“Liberal Arts Scholars in Business”


Bob is a Shamrock Capital Advisors Partner with over 20 years of media, entertainment, and communications investment experience.  He is also founder of the “Lawrence Scholars in Business” program.

Bob currently serves as a director of T3Media, PGOA Media, Harlem Globetrotters International and Triad Broadcasting.  Previously, he served on the boards of NextWave Media, Ocean Design, and Citadel Communications.  Prior to joining Shamrock in 2004, Bob was a Managing Partner for Banc of America Capital Investors, a $700 million private equity and mezzanine partnership. He spent 23 years with Bank of America in commercial banking, investment banking, leveraged finance and principal investing.

Bob graduated from Lawrence University and earned an MBA from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Management of Babson College.


Tectonic shifts in college affordability, the career opportunity landscape, and student preparedness require considerable innovation among liberal arts colleges in order in stay vital and diverse.  Lawrence established the Lawrence Scholars in Business (“LSB”) program to address these changes while preserving its strong liberal arts traditions.  The search process for quality entry level jobs has fundamentally changed.  LSB is just one of many innovations necessary to distinguish Lawrence among prospective students and selective employers.