Videos are now available for viewing

TEDxLawrenceU was a tremendous success. Provocative ideas. Creative presentations. Much to think about.
To view any of the TEDx talks, go to the individual speaker’s page on this site and click on the video.
We hope this is the beginning of an ongoing discussion on ways to reimagine liberal education.

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Thank you!

Today was wonderful. Whew.

We’ll have individual videos for each speaker up soon at the TEDx channel and embedded on this site.

Thanks to our speakers, organizers, coordinators, volunteers and everyone else who helped make today very special.

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Watch live streaming video from lawrenceuniversity at

TEDxLawrenceU was webcast live on Friday, May 3. Although we are not able to post a full recording of the day, individual speaker videos will be posted soon.

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Reimagining Liberal Education

For many decades, even centuries, liberal education has been thought of as the gold standard of higher learning. But current economic trends and pressures have led many observers to question the usefulness of a liberal education and the viability of the liberal arts college.

  • How should liberal education and liberal arts colleges adapt to a changing society?
  • Is it time to revise our notions of what a liberal education means? Or, on the contrary, is it time to return to what a liberal education used to mean?
  • Is online education a threat to liberal education, or is it to be embraced as part of the solution?
  • Is the financial model of liberal arts colleges viable? If not, how should it be changed?
  • Do the governance structure and organizational model of liberal arts colleges need radical reform?

We, the organizers at Lawrence University, hope that some creative answers will emerge from our day-long, intensive conversation and the collaborations that follow.

Garth Bond, John R. Brandenberger, Scott Corry, Craig L. Gagnon, Adam Galambos, David Gerard, Monica Rico and Timothy X. Troy

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